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Marc Up 
Georgia Hilmer @ Next (NY)

We can always swear and swear again we'll try to steer clear from the show season. We've never managed to do so and this new season has already proved it again. Well, is it even possible to look at show packages (even for five minutes) without spotting one or two favorites among the newbies ? Impossible, for us at least. Browsing Next cards, we came across one girl, one look, one name (besides our favorite from last season - Valerija Kelava). We probably found more darling on other agencies pacakge but only few girls were able to compare to Georgia and the incredible effect she had on us from the moment we saw her first picture. Laid-back and sporty on her polaroids then in a total geeky mood at Marc Jacobs. With the wow-effect and it-factor all the way.

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  • She was great at Marc! After seeing her on Next's board, I was wondering what they have for her. And they have some special things this season, great she didn't have to wait too long!

    Posté par Amelia, 16-02-10 à 10:43 PM

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