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Paulina Rademacher @ Modelwerk (Germany)

At the crossroads of his work for a model agency and his geniune love for photography, Sebastian Koeller seems to be driven by one thing: creativity. Or maybe three things after all, as you could add passion and inspiration on the list. This connection between two 'jobs' is a gift for anyone aiming to create something that makes sense when you put all the pieces of the puzzle together, a unique opportunity when you're creating your own vision. For his first entry as a photographer on FDIB, we selected two stories shot with Paulina Rademacher, young sprout at Modelwerk going her way step by step, day in day out in her home country Germany for the moment. A parameter that emphasizes the 'experimental' side of the project and the thrill of an exciting new start.

Sebastian's photography is probably one of the most honest and unpretentious work we have seen lately, stepping far away from the too common too obvious overload of visual effects (think heavy retouching) or the self-proclaimed cool trashy craze. With outtakes evoking the slight melancholy knocking at the door with the end of the winter and the peaceful loneliness of the newborn spring. In other words, subtle emotions captured in their most natural expressions. Again, no exaggerated posing from the model and no overwhelming direction from the photographer, only black and white moments taken as they went by. As if it was as easy as pushing the button to take you out of time and craze for a little while to bring back the necessary energy to your inner battery.

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    very nice pictures, taken with heart and soul.

    Posté par frederik, 31-03-11 à 10:54 PM

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