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Nobody will ever know it (but there is no empty path)




I saw a white bar, one red round mouth and they all told me to step away, I didn't move, I was a petrified angel saying hello to green firelights, I said thanks for its color, for the bright message, for the unexpected sun, for all the ones I left behind. Hey babes, I'll smoke inside your lungs. But it's not up to me, I am not alone, there is another soul looking at me, and my breakfast will smell better than your entire life. Mert should rather eat Marcus, meat for cheap is such a threat, at six in the morning, at least. We forgot all the fish and chips memories above, we went to grab a soda. We went to replace another slice of I, we turn around and let it go. We're the just and we're the above, we don't want to be more than the view that offers us another eye. As blind as it is. Blue. Mert and Marcus, blood and water drops, smiles and wax grins.And we are gums, and we chew till the end of times.

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