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Dancing in a Danger Zone (Read On My Lips)

Daphne Groeneveld @ Bloom (The Netherlands), Union (London), Women (Milan)

Daphne's rise since the first time we featured her has been so impressive that saying anything about it would sound like endless name-dropping. Putting her spot in Miu Miu's most recent ads (as a part of the flawless cast) next to these outtakes from a Vogue Paris spread (by Mert & Marcus, styled by Carine Roitfeld) makes more sense in our opinion and tells more than a detailed review of all the A-list jobs she got so far. Like a clear statement that tells clearly what level she has already reached and what league she plays in now. Not making any conclusion out of this but they are certainly enough to be mentioned her. Though, our point is mostly focused on aesthetics today again, regardless if we are talking about clear facts or what we seem to understand from them (pure fiction?).

Facts are clear enough not to be denied by any tricky way. It takes a look at Miu Miu's picture where Daphne stands next to Lindsey Wixson to get the point. The whole cast, including Ginta and Siri as well, was quite flawless, not meaning it couldn't have been better but it was very well done, literally wheeled for success from a visual point of view at least. Coherent. But the Daphne+Lindsey part had quite the strongest impact in terms of aesthetics, in its perfectly intentional use of a certain beauty type and in the way it highlights it. Lindsey doesn't play any role in this Vogue Paris story but the focus remain the same if you can read on our lips. No big news under the sun you might think but the slope gets slightly more slippery on one specific side. Not trying to put more emphasis where there is no need to, not inventing the rest of the story when it's not even written yet. You still have two options left, as usual: dancing on your own or dancing in that danger zone. Just not so dangerous in the end but still running the risk of being misled one way or another as you never know in advance if you are exploring the most interesting areas of a rising trend or just remixing the old gimmicks you've cherished for ages. Got a clue it might be the first but it could be pure fiction as well then we'll go back to dancing with ourselves. Pictures from TheFrenchy @ TFS.

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  • is she with anyone in New York?

    Posté par billy kidd, 26-08-10 à 07:47 PM

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