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Valerija with a twist

Valerija @ Mikas (Sweden) It was a matter of days. It's always a matter of days or let's say of timing. We had an eye on Valerija since she appeared at Mikas. The only thing was "when" and "how". And we got the answer by mail this evening, a mail from our friend in Sweden who updated us on who's walking in Stockholm. And Valerija among them (also check some recently featured girls like Sara and Hanna @ Stockholmsgruppen). We thought it was a good opportunity to make a firt feature on her. We love her to... [Lire la suite]
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Jourdan Dunn @ Women (NY) We still think it would have had more impact to release a Black Issue in september... there is one thing that surely doesn't disappoint us: it offers an incredible opportunity to an incredible model. Jourdan Dunn. After a topnotch season, peaked at Prada, she deserved something that big in her portfolio. She deserved a major cover and we're more than glad it's actually a Meisel moment. After all, the concept doesn't really matter as long as you can see one of the best model getting more exposure. We always... [Lire la suite]
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Strike a pause

Yana Paulovich @ IMM (Belgium) Meet Yana. Her most natural looking pictures (even if she looks natural everywhere), her discret yet intense presence in front of the camera, her beautiful hair - how would you call them dark strawberry-blond or light copper ? Let's have a break from the show frenzy from Sao Paulo, Paris or soon Berlin and enjoy a pause with these fresh shots. Enjoy a pause and Yana's potential, just it, just her look. The main reason we believe these pictures were the best is the way they show various things in only... [Lire la suite]
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Simply Simona

Simona McIntyre @ Marilyn (Paris) We started getting thrilled with Simona more than a year ago when we saw her first tests. The most successful girl from Chantale Nadeau's incredible models has been doing weel since and still get more and more work. Last one we've seen was from current issue of Crash (a french magazine we like a lot for featuring many promising faces in first class editorials) shot by Johnny Gembitsky (check your website, many other stunning pictures of Anna Barsukova, Amber Milam and especially Olivia Richard... [Lire la suite]
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Baltic beauties at Metropolitan Paris

Lelde Malina Latvian lady Lelde, from 2B Models (home of Laine Rogova, Sigita Nedvecka, Elina Blicava and Alise Piraga among others) has already been featured twice here before and has fresh news since she signed with Metropolitan in Paris. Not only the way her book is growing and keeps growing on and on but also now some runway experience. She's been spotted last thursday walking for Josep Font during f/w 08-09 Couture fashion week and we know how his castings are always very picky (probably the most selective show of the week,... [Lire la suite]
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Life is a bon voyage

Ana Mihajlovic @ Women (NY) Rush. Our train is leaving at 11.11am in less than one hour. We though some new tests of Ana by Jonathan Leder (see more on Women's blog) were the perfect way to say goodbye for now. As we are going to the place we've seen her for the first time. Life is definitely a bon voyage.
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Meet Zoya !

Zoya Korinevskaya @ LMA (Russia) With her fuzzy curly hair and dreamy eyes, how couldn't we notice Zoya ? It's all in her eye-lids and in the leggy silhouette. And yes, another LMA girl that has her own feature here. How could we stop, actually ? They've been adding fresh new faces with fresh new looks almost weekly and they know what kind of pictures they have to show. Is that enough ? No, never get enough. Just a little intro, just a beginning. We're sure next time, we'll see another special beauty like Zoya. Another unique... [Lire la suite]
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Photomaton with Regina

Regina Shnizer @ Success (Paris) New book, new look. Or is it new look, new book ? First Model Management has launched her fantastic runway career last february (booking almost all the worthy shows) and kept the rythm on. Upbeat, uptempo. And we should see some Regina in prints this fall. Next chapter is in writing. We shouldn't have to wait too long. One will be a magazine we usually love. We'll love it even more with Regina gracing its pages. Now it's all about black and white tests and raw polas. All about blossoming in... [Lire la suite]
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5'10 Lullaby

Luba Alekseeva @ LMA (Russia) A new look at our favorite new face from LMA in St Petersburg. Luba's face is poetry in itself, delicate and distant poses, beauty from any angle. We can say without exaggerating that she's one of the most striking young model we've seen these last six months, if not the one. There is a particular strength in each of her features, there is also some sweetness, sharpness and precision to balance it. Like a painting, there are the strong lines and the thin ones, the odd equation that makes the... [Lire la suite]
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Part two

Dei Auruskeviciute @ Ford (NY) Finally part two. It took longer. Not that it was hard to find some inspiration, when it comes to Dei it's always so easy. And as we're writing this little part two, made of polas and one more test, she's just about to write part three by herself. Dei is on her way,  we're watching. Carefully. No need to tell, there should be a part three here too, then part four... as much as we'll need to write. The story is just starting these days.
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