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Wanted: Kirsti

      Kirsti Vill @ EMA (Estonia) She came to us within the same package as Marilin and Brit, two others promising young ladies from EMA in Estonia but we thought it was better to wait a little longer for Kirsti. Seems we weren't that wrong as she's now ready to go to Tokyo with Donna Models while she added a few more centimeters to reach 173. Still smaller than the average model but such an unusual face, fresh look and, after all, young age were also to things to keep in mind. Delicate features yet already... [Lire la suite]
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And the Operator said...

      Manuela Lazic @ New York Models (NY) ... 40 cents more or it's over. Love the phone and the vintage vibe we get from it. Reminds us of that day in our childhood when they suddenly replaced coins by cards in public phones. Didn't expect to get that blast from the past from one of the freshest faces and we really don't mind the contrast on each picture by Mark Wimberly. Looks like the first time Manuela has to play a role, other than too obvious ones, and truth is she gets even much more powerful this way. Not... [Lire la suite]
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Growing and Glowing

    Valerie Van De Graaf @ SPS (The Netherlands) It's just a short update but still a milestone in Valerie's career. Needless to repeat the whole story again, we've been featuring her once per week lately and you might get our point on a shy girl who recently started to blossom. In front of cameras and everywhere else. Interesting fact arrived from Paris where she shot with photographer Jonathan Segade (nice to feature his work again!) . For many girl, many models and especially blond ones, this styling and atmosphere... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Nastya !

   Monday morning. Same coffee in the same bright orange plastic mug. Back on tracks with a topic we've been brewing all  day yesterday, Nastya. Image Discovery's latest discovery is slightly atypic for various reasons. First of all, maybe because she's got some typical Eastern European features - cat's eyes and feline expressions, flawless skin and so on. Same old story ? Not really, not only at least. There is some potential in this girl that joyfully crosses geographical boundaries. Like this innate... [Lire la suite]
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Portraying Potential

          Karina @ Image Discovery (Ukraine) We love the atmosphere of today. For several reasons but one of them has to be the joyful mix of DIY pictures from mother agencies all over the world using style as their best new weapon to promote their newest finds and girls doing their first (or second) steps in magazines as big as Vogue Italia. Between the two, there might be only a tiny bridge we could name creativity. Innovation all the way, from the quirky digitals taken at the agency's offices to how a... [Lire la suite]
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Don't you see these tears we cry are tears of joy ?

Melodie Dagault @ Marilyn (NY) Besides Rianne's revival by Steven Meisel for the second issue in a row, Vogue Italia brought us a few more nice surprises for November. Nothing truly special happened over all the whole magazine though it's where you'll see one of the most sensational beauty story of the year. No less and that's enough to dedicate a few lines to it. Emma Summerton behind the lens and four girls we wish we could see more often, the formula works and even rocks. First of all, Melodie Dagault. We were still hungry... [Lire la suite]
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Secret Weapons

        Oana Timerman @ Mandarina (Romania) We seriously can't get enough of Oana, of these moods she brings to her pictures. But who could ? Who could overlook her classic-beauty-with-a-twist and wonderful palette of expressions ? Who couldn't get caught loving her fragile intensity and striking versatility on yesterday's pictures ? We have doubts someone couldn't at least be intrigued and willing to know more about her. And truth is that she could be one of most coveted girls currently at Mandarina Models,... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Katerina !

  Katerina Kopova @ Bohemia (Czech Republic) Fresh, fresh, fresh. And even fresher than fresh, Katerina, 15-years-old is just beginning and has that über-fresh look of the girls just starting at the minute. But don't get fooled by it to easily, there is already that unique ability to express emotions, from serious to ethereal to laid-back moods, on her first tests from Bohemia Model Management. The camera loves her and that's often the first requirement to fulfil to start a career as a model. Add to this a naturally... [Lire la suite]
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Technique and Inspiration

    Oana Timerman @ Mandarina (Romania) Mandarina Models as the new masters of headscarf styling ? Why not. At least, they can already count a few masterpieces with Oana's latest digitials. The idea is brilliant for two reasons mostly. First of all, the styling suits her so well as it shows a very different side of her potential. Hence our idea to put a few ones with her hair on her shoulders to compare and watch the obvious: she's versatile enough to go from one character to the other by a simple change of hairdo.... [Lire la suite]
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Blue Cats love the Carpet outside, We just love Ksenia

    Ksenia Malanova @ Eskimo (Russia), Women (Milan) Here she comes again. We introduced Ksenia Malanova, Eskimo's brightest Russian jewel, back in July of this year and wanted to celebrate her first steps in Milan with Women. Many new pictures. Updated polaroids, various new tests. Discovering brand new sides of an endless potential. We knew she was talented and that such a beauty is priceless. We didn't know how far this could go and how much the camera would love her. Got the answer from every angle in every... [Lire la suite]
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