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Ungaro Girl
Jovana Culjkovic @ Just WM (Paris)

She's seventeen and 5'11 (180), she's Jovana at WM and... she's the mysterious newbie who walked for Ungaro Spring Summer 2010 one month ago. Remember the elegant silhouette, the aura of mystery, the soft dark vibe of her look ? We can't imagine you forgot but, in case, you still can fall in love seeing her polas from Paris. Laid-back yet still dramatic - deep green eyes with a touch of sweet melancholy, Jovana got quite a coveted spot for a start but we believe she's already more than a shooting star passing by. She'll be back soon and when we say soon it can always be sooner than expected. If later, it can only be stronger.

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    Superbe ton blog.

    As tu des nouvelles de... Miss elma ?? I love her !

    Posté par Lyeva, 03-11-09 à 06:31 PM
  • Merci Lyeva

    Je n'ai pas de nouvelles en particulier, je vois qu'elle update son blog régulièrement, tu dois déjà le connaitre mais je te le mets en lien au cas où


    Posté par maud, 04-11-09 à 04:29 PM

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