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Love and Luck

        Bregje Heinen @ Micha Models (The Netherlands), Select (London), Supreme (NY), Women (Milan) There are these days you wonder if emotions are your friends or foes and can't find a proper answer, some days you wish it was all mild and calm, that you were flowing on your feelings instead of being carried by the flood. If there one fashion story (beauty story for that matter) which really materialise this impression, that would be Bregje's latest spread in Glass Magazine, third issue. Opened by a close-up shot... [Lire la suite]
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Silver Bullet

    Silver letters and golden girls — the shortest description to talk about Supreme's Spring Summer 2011 show package. Short is not enough, though, for this extended and expensive packet which meets its first goal as soon as you see it: giving a new identity to an brandy with a totally different history. Switching from its previous trademark to a new signature, obviously moving from the original aesthetic to another one reflecting the new vision at the agency. Nobody can tell yet what the impact of the (still) recent moves... [Lire la suite]

That Bregje Girl

        Bregje Heinen @ Micha (The Netherlands), Women (Paris, Milan), Women Direct (NY) Memories from last seasons: one image in mind -- Bregje leaving the tent in the Jardin des Tuileries -- and one sentence -- "it's incredible, this girl works everyday", pronounced by a booker from another agency than hers. Good memories, then, good season for her as well. And Bregje seems to be unable to hang out after such a good international starts. Both runways and glossy pages can't get enough of her and this months she's... [Lire la suite]

Latest Lexposed Faces

Wanessa Milhomem @ Select (London)Bregje Heinen @ Women Direct (NY) We're passionate about their present and their future is promising, that's partly why they are our latest Lexposed Faces, just added this week. They have different looks, they have the same level of intensity, they have unique faces and they're just starting to make their strong marks on the fashion scene. Check out for more of our darling Wanessa and Micha's marvel Bregje tonight, speak tomorrow.
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Power poses on the telephone

  Bregje Heinen @ Micha Models (Amsterdam) As Bregje's new material was pouring with fresh editorials and polaroids, we thought it was probably big time to make a complete review on one of the busiest girl from Micha Models. Starting with a pola sheet from Select Models in London where she already shows these powerful poses that might turn into her trademark in the future then having a glimpse at two recent fashion stories. First one is colorful, bold, properly eye-catching and comes from Cosmo Girl. Girly in one word.... [Lire la suite]
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