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Sophie Srej @ IMG (NY), Evelina Mambetova @ Supreme (NY) Tim by Tim sounds like a dream team to us. Burton by Walker. Thumbs up even before seeing the first pictures from the feature plus we trust the solid aesthetic that makes the trademark at Harper's Bazaar. Only a bad models choice would have stopped us from jumping of joy and luckily Malgosia Bela fits for the theme, even if we would have loved some more Evelina Mambetova and Sophie Srej who look like background second roles. Nevertherless the little lack didn't take the lots of... [Lire la suite]
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Evelina is everywhere

Evelina Mambetova @ Supreme (NY), Premier (London), Women (Milan), Women (Paris) Evelina is everywhere. It might be too much in itself and far from enough for a title but truth is that Evelina is everywhere, everywhere she has to be. Not where she doesn't need to appear, just where she has a chance to shine. Her beauty is too unique for any common path, she had to go out of the beaten tracks to find her way and set her pace. Her own one, going her own way, making her own marks. Both on the runways and in magazines. She won't take the... [Lire la suite]
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TMSRRE part 14: Evelina

             Evelina Mambetova @ Premier (London) She already did very well in NY (with Supreme) booking Philip Lim, Malandrino, United Bamboo and our brand new favorite Prabal Gurung. She totally caught our eyes and broke our heart in London. We must say she opened Eley Kishimoto and that's quite a pleasure for us to see as it's one of the shows we're always watching carefully. With the likes of Peter Jensen and John Rocha also on her list, she has quite a strong team of designers behind her. A... [Lire la suite]
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Numéro girl Number two

Evelina Mambetova @ Supreme (NY) If Darya was finally an obvious choice to open our feature on the new girls from Numéro, Evelina's name came immediately after. The first one was striking, the second is charming. Her eyes seem to be the most captivating part of Evelina until you discover her with eyes-closed.  Unmatched grace. Delicate and intriguing, from seismic gaze to serenity, Supreme's ballerina also knows the way to rock it hard. In her usual subtle softness...
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