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Ricardo Tisci’s S/S 09 secret : a muse and musician




Janine Henkes @ Iconic (Berlin)

Who’s that girl ? The one without a name, the mysterious face at Givenchy, look #34. Janine. She’s a 19-years-old girl from Berlin and already a huge favorite of ours. Personally picked by the designer which means a lot and as exclusive as a girl can be in Paris. If all our featured models this week are pretty unique and carefully selected, Janine has a little extra in her profile. She’s also a soft-rock singer. We’ll never forget the tune of this season’s Givenchy and, for sure, won’t forget to tell you more about her.

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    Thank you for the name !

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  • She looks like me! Just kidding
    She's so sexy, young and pretty. I wish I have those legs.

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