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You can run, you can't run away from Toni

toni_toni_0300 toni_toni_0304
Toni Garrn @ Joy (Milan), Women (NY), Modelwerk (Hamburg)

It's almost incredible how many times we heard comments on Toni Garnn being topless in Vogue Italia since last issue, also by Steven Meisel. Some people consider her as too young for this. We don't. Each his own of course and it's up to everyone to have his own point on this. All we can say is there is no voyeurism, even less pornography in any of these pictures. November or December issue. Maybe it's just us, what we see with our very own eyes. All we see, then, is a young woman on the beach. Can't really tell her age or anything. Just can tell it's something we've seen many times. Without any odd ideas hidden anywhere around. Even more striking and less subjective is how this works with Toni's face. With what's made her famous these recent seasons. Wasn't that editorial in Vogue Germany by Mario Testino called "Innocent Toni Garrn" ? We don't know what innocent exactly means for everyone but there is a nice atmosphere brought by her light-hearted expression compared to what she wears. Maybe here we can see innocence. True innocence. Fresh. Not naive. Gently fearless. With a bright future ahead of her. We didn't have a real passion for Toni since the beginnings. It's only when she started getting more work, different kind of work that our interest began to raise. Still raising. Other features of this editorial include Katrin Thormann, definitely shining brighter this time. And Ymre Stiekema. Asking ourselves how we exactly see Ymre. It takes time and cigarettes to know it.

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