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Günstagram versus The Expensive





Today, right now, at this minute and it't almost five past two in the afternoon, you can know, not just guess but know, exactly and go cuckoo about it, what a model, your favorite, your love in a lifetime, for a lifetime, for a while, for ever and/or a day, is doing. You know what her boyfriend looks like, what her dog is eating at this precise moment, how neat and sexy last night's dinner was. It's getting too far, too fast, it's getting trivial and the magic quickly vanishes if you walk the wrong step and think privacy and mystery are so last century. Or even last decade (run, baby, run). The cheaper the better and free fluff is full fun. Go figure then go ahead.

While the poodles and noodles are celebrating together their brand new fame together, while you know the color of your darling one-way-icon's underwear, you still have the other side of this dirrrty business: beautiful images. Yep, misters and mistresses, beautiful shots of gorgeous girls or sexy scoundrels. Neither sleazy nor tacky nor invasive nor whatever bullpoo you could find on the way during your online nightime rides. Just bare beauty and no added promise. Like that: Vogue Italia by Steven Meisel with Anna Cleveland, Ally Ertel, Yasmin Wijnaldum (in reverse order) and, leading the lot: Caitie Greene – cover-worthy all the way.

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