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Jamie Bochert @ Women (NY), Elite (Paris) Usually, we have to tidy up the pictures to make the post look great. This time it wasn't even necessary, here they are how they are, right from the scanner. Blind uploading. There is something genius about this story as we already wrote in another review for Lexposure. Same might fit for the whole issue of Numéro. Quite a brilliant surprise, delicately packed. The cover plus the contents managed to make us happy without any new faces inside or outside. Among the... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Ksenia !

        Ksenia @ Grace (Russia) We were so impressed by Ksenia that we've already planned two features on her, here is the first part. Bold, eye-catching short hairdo meets delicate features, expressive eyes which exactly know how to express various feelings. The editorial kind, we'd say. A perfect mix of contrasts between the shape of her eyes, cheekbones, nose and chin helps for sure, strengthened by an attitude, a presence in front of the camera. These might be just her early tests, they are already... [Lire la suite]
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The smell of perfection

Released today. The magazine smells like Chanel perfume on page two and our soap smells the blue because it can't sing. Siri is flying high and singing live in newest Numéro, by Luciana Val and Franco Musso. This time we thought we can say it, even scream it. The louder, the better: there is  a smell of perfection all over Siri's career. Twice in a row on Numéro's glossy pages for the second time of her career. But that would be too prosaic for our taste and we see perfection more in the way she works it out rather the... [Lire la suite]
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Touch by touch

          Nikole Ivanova @ 2B Models (Latvia) We've been focusing a lot on development these last days and it's not about to stop soon. Well, a big part of this page is actually dedicate to the way new models are working on their portfolio and it's rather natural to keep an eye on the process. After Cate Chant's new digitals and Malgozata in bloom, let's check the news from Nikole, a girl we introduced not so far ago when she had her first test by Natalie Berezina. She's been doing well since, working... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Malgozata !

      Malgozata Moksecka @ Metropolitan (Lithuania) The first time we really noticed her was last January, right after the holidays and everyone was still a bit asleep. The weather is much thrilling now but it hasn't much to do with the fact Malgozata is currently blossoming. She's been working hard on her portfolio (she's also signed with Group Models in Spain) and the results are simply amazing, turning the raw potential of her first tests and polaroids into some real editorial sensation. She knows how to... [Lire la suite]
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Photomaton with Soni

Soni Ganzenko @ Viva (Paris) Our Photomaton posts work on a very simple basis: a few good polas and a few good tests. It looks at its best when we can gather four digitals and fout tests in black and white. So, let's just say we were really exciting by Soni's book when we saw she had the perfect material for such a feature. Her polas are direct to the point, showing without any single doubt how she looks like and what you can easily expect. Her tests were just an awesome example of how she can work out poses and expression... [Lire la suite]
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The ballad of the end of the world (syrupy symphony)

Skye Stracke @ Viva (Paris), Viva (London), Why Not (Milan), DNA (NY) Ellen Von Unwerth was our last topic yesterday evening before drowning in champagne and sailing on a slice of mozzarella (or on a pretzel). It might have turned into an inspiration overnight as one of our first thougts on this odd morning was dedicated to her story in Dazed & Confused featuring Skye Stracke. It's ten o'clock at nine and everything seems to go faster today, walking across the streets under the pale sunlight and lonely clouds has a taste of... [Lire la suite]
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Far right when you enter the yard

Myf Shepherd @ Next Paradoxes make fashion and fashion creates paradoxes just to break them better. Grandiloquence might be the biggest or at least a very common one. Talking about art is nothing pretentious, talking about romanticism has nothing dull, nothing is never overdone. Truth is always far away but better try to get closer. Working on two different  topics at the same moment definitely helps as much as dizziness from yesterday's birthday party helped to have clearer ideas. That's another paradox, another couple of... [Lire la suite]
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Bunny ears are such a serious topic

Laragh McCann @ Ford (Paris), Women (NY), Women (Milan) Crash has officially entered our must-buy list which could be describe as a small selection of magazines we can pick eyes-closed at our bookshop. Models recently featured inside were called Yana Karpova, Ragnhild Jevne or Masha Tyelna and we can add Laragh to the team now. She's this kind of girl you don't know what to expect from, apart from greatness. You can't tell where you'll see her next, you can't tell in advance which show... [Lire la suite]
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Thanks Jules!

  Jules Mordovets @ IMG (Paris) She's probably not the talk of the town and she might have never been. Never the new face of the moment but she never stops. Steadily. Sometimes it way better to do well without any buzz, without all the spotlights that makes one blind. She's shining bright in her very own way, brighter than many highly watched star. She's the eternal wildcard making her path out of the beaten tracks. Her FW 09-10 runway season proved once again from New York to Paris, including a little bit of Milan (not much... [Lire la suite]