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TMSRRE part 12: Ursula 
Ursula @ FM (London)

Yesterday we were speechless and breathless when we saw her walking for Christopher Kane. Immediately thought of a report on her. Could have done it overnight but we were right to wait a little longer. A matter of hours, as the missing piece of the puzzle just arrived and left us speechless and breathless once again. Tears we cried were tears of joy this time. Magical moments that we didn't even expected.

Ursula belongs to our favorite models since the day we noticed her first. Something special, unseen, unexplored just waiting to be unveiled. It took her to sign with Avant Models in Moscow to speed up her career. Shot two tests (by Lev Efimov and Nikita Manin) then could just spread her wings and fly away to New York. Shot by Paul Rowland there and she was Supreme. Next chapter is what you see above. Polas fresh from FM in London and Christopher Kane, yesterday. Coolness in depth.

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  • If I wouldn't have been convinced of her already - I would be now. Absolutely IN LOVE with these two polas!

    Posté par Yana, 22-09-09 à 04:42 PM

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