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Meet Agota !

Agota_Luksaite_2 Agota_Luksaite_3
Agota_Luksaite_4 Agota_Luksaite_5
Agota Luksaite @ Supermodels (Lithuania)

She looks like she escaped from the package in our previous post but she's too fresh, too new to take part of it yet. Agota Luksaite, who recently joined Supermodels in Lithuania, quite caught our attention thanks to her striking features and photographer Natalie Berezina's talent for unveiling potential of the new faces she works with. Classic beauties with a twist became a trademark of lithuanian models and no doubt Agota belongs to that kind as well, walking in the footsteps of girls like Giedre Dukauskaite, Edita Vilkeviciute, Dovile Virsilaite, Aida Aniulyte and her agency mate Vilma Putriute. We know this list is getting longer (and better) every season and we just don't think it's about to stop soon. Well, it's not Agota and her lovely 5'9 silhouette (completes stats are quite remarkable: 176 85-59-89) who are going to slow it down.

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  • Superbe jeune fille, naturelle !!!!!

    Posté par Myriam Façonne, 27-01-10 à 05:44 PM
  • She was a very mysterious look !

    Posté par ElodieVeryPetit, 27-01-10 à 07:22 PM
  • her agency mate Vilma Putrite? but, Vilma putrite unfortunatly does not seem to enjoy any success

    Posté par giova, 30-01-10 à 12:49 PM

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