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Sedene, Stephanie, Melissa and Anne Sophie @ d'management (Milan)

Drum rolls and heartbeats... here are the latest models to sign with direct-booking boutique in Milan, d'management. And even the number of girls in the package seems just perfect. What do you think of four aces ? La creme de la creme of the current international newbies is right in front of your eyes. Sedene (featured here last November), for example, is already getting an amazing response in New York, gathering the highest hopes around her - some of them already on their way to reality. Stephanie Rad doesn't need a long introduction as well and we can't imagine you forgot her, from Prada runway to select editorial piece, she went her way step by step with A-list jobs only. Melissa Tammerijn is creating a cute little buzz at New York Models (along with Sedene) right now and we bet Union is waiting for this other Dutch lovely to hail them in London. Last but not least, our big time favorite Anne Sophie Monrad, regularly featured on this page and building one of the strongest portfolio with the precious help of Ford NY and her mother agency Modelwerk. All of them were logical additions to d'management's extremely picky roster and we can't doubt one second that the 4 brand new d'girls will bring us to the 4th dimension soon.


  • I love Anne-Sophie, she's stunning. I'm glad she's with Ford Models.
    Personally I think team models has som great models. Among other; Lea Groesland and Johanna Friis both with Ford, but also some interesting new faces like Celina, Hanne N. and Viktoria S.

    Posté par Erica, 27-01-10 à 02:39 PM
  • Melissa's probably one of the most haunting new faces of the last seasons.Glad she's also signed to New York Model Management and also her agents of ma fresh models seems to know how to deal a raw diamond with carefully I so wish Anna Sophie to have a good saison, i guess i'll be heartbroken if she fails.... seeing Tabeaa and Hanna R failing last September was enough for more.... Well i guess Sedene will get some good shows anyway, not so sure about Rad if she'll manage to hold all those Prada & Marni options

    Thank you for the article!
    xx Malte

    Posté par Malte, 27-01-10 à 08:16 PM
  • Hi Malte,

    Melissa isn't with Fresh anymore. She is with Union now.

    Fresh is indeed one of the most talented agencies here in Holland. They are also the ones who hooked Melissa up with New York Model Management BTW.

    Posté par Jay Dotcom, 28-01-10 à 12:10 PM

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