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My Secret Lover

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Rasa Zukauskaite & Karmen Pedaru @ Next

She's undercover. Well, in this story Rasa's hiding a bit in Karmen's shadows but in real life (runway life to be honest), she's far from hiding at all. Only girl having two spreads here today, Numéro and Another Magazine and working out both so brilliantly, you wouldn't even guess the girl is just making her first steps in high fashion. Prada video, Love video, several coveted catwalks... the list gets longer and the love gets strong. Everyday. She may appear as quite shy or even stiff sometimes, she may remind you of the blank canvas theory or whatever are those wasted words, she's going her and didn't ask our opinion (but if one needs it: we just adore more and more). Shot by Solve Sundsbo for Numéro, silky and sultry story playing with lines, lights, shadows, collages, colors coming and going, playing with Karmen (or playing Karmen's toy -- up to each eye), Rasa just brought her game to another level. Today. Now. Let's hurry. And, again, we borrow our title to what we have/had in our ears lately and let you guess where from.

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