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They All Need A Star Salinovic @ Women (NY), Daphne Groeneveld @ Supreme (NY) and Lindsey Wixson @ Marilyn (NY)

Months and years come (and go somehow). And we grew up too old to make ourselves fools for mistaken love (or devotion). Inspiration is like months and years and comes and goes and comes back in the end for whoever is patient enough to wait and work. To people who considers this story and especially cover as a letdown from Steven Meisel and Vogue Italia we can only answer the perfromance is far from bad and that it's impossible to ask for the same level every single month. Some stories will be inspired, some others will just be eye-appealing and that's not that bad. At all. It's just a natural process going on and on, with its ins and outs, its ons and offs and these facts also rely on what beauty means in the eye of the beholder. Same old song but refreshing itself every month and embodied by different visuals each time. If you think twice there is absolutely nothing to dislike in this editorial, not a single bloody thing from page one till the end. And checking what other magazines, other photographers and models are doing right now will give you the same answer: everything is fine there or at least not worse (and most of times even better) than what's going on elsewhere. The grass isn't greener in the neighbour's yard and Lindsey Wixson, Kristina Salinovic and Daphne Groeneveld did their job more than decently. The real question behind all these questionnings remains untouched though. Does fashion need its new star(s)? And the answer is crystal-clear: yes, it effing does. (Pictures from Z Fashion Blog).


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