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Tess @ Select (London)

Überraschung... or shall we write surprise instead as our topic of the day is all about an agency from London? Somehow feeling like the german title has some extra power and sounds intriguing enough to fit the mood of the moment. There is a feeling of change, wind of change in this word that we couldn't not use today. Something powerful and unexpected, exactly what was needed here. And the young señorita (just another trick to keep this post more internationally intriguing), Tess is 5'11 (180) high and keeps the good shots piling up in her fresh book. Everything is moving, if not shaking and we're close to believe we can take part of some little revolution sometimes (though we aren't keen on giving too many details while all is just hopes and work in progress). So, all we have for tonight (it's dusk already here) is a few fun or intense pictures of the young miss at Select Models totally channeling the current mood in this very tiny room we are working from. With all possible expectations, wings can grow here and there to bring new flight opportunities for everyone. As we would say in our now-infamous frenglish: life is a bon voyage.

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    fashion rocks

    I really like you comments and the pictures are amazing!

    Posté par Training, 15-05-11 à 12:00 PM

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