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One Day Or Another

        Milly @ One (NY) Introduced just yesterday evening as "Milly the Brit", the latest One caught some immediate attention with a couple of black and white shots packed as a collage. Though these two or three pictures were such a beautiful way to say hello, what we selected for today's feature is unveiling a little more on Milly yet still keeping most of her mystery alive. And surely a touch of mystery doesn't hurt now as the show season is starting soon enough to keep the most impatient eyes waiting for more... [Lire la suite]
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Halfway To Your Paradise

      Aymeline Valade @ Women Direct (NY), Women (Paris, Milan), FM (London) Whiskey memories out of the beaten tracks and roses in the snow... our daily life in a few words these last few weeks. Heading to unknown places with cheerful feelings of known directions with new moods, the future of FDIB is made of flowers still to blossom. And that's how it goes for the future of modeling too. Who's going to be noticed next, who's going to leave a durable impression after four weeks of shows and so on. Better not think and... [Lire la suite]
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Last Minute

      Anne Peck @ Modelwerk (Germany) We were working on longer topics all day plus fixing all details before fashion weeks start in seven days or so and a last minute arrival of pictures changed our plans a little. Just a little, though, as it's always like a refreshing break for our overloaded minds to dedicate twenty or thirty minutes writing an express feature. News arrived from London via Hamburg when Modelwerk forwarded us the latest materials from their upcoming blond lady, Anne Peck. Shot on the... [Lire la suite]
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There And Now

Here we go, show packages and the 'big four' about to start soon. Next week, bookmark it etc. Time for most of the modeling world and fashion planet to get crazy again, welcome back to the flight frenzy and endless wars to get a cab and all these little things that make a fashion week what it is. But let's stick to the first point now: show packages. You know (or we hope you do) review packages has never been our favorite part of the job but instead of taking it as a necessary evil, we always tried to imagine this is a positive... [Lire la suite]
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So To Speak

        Kate King @ Elite (NY) That's probably the best feeling of the day. When quality of test shots is able to echo the vibe of the latest few good editorials we've seen. When you can smell the inspiration behind a few black and white pictures and guess the real will to step away (forward) from the classical test shooting excercise. Also when the one who holds the camera dares to present the one who poses, moves and acts on the other side in a different way from what is usually expected. We already felt this... [Lire la suite]
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Always Like The First Time

      Vita @ Cherie Models (Russia) When we started FDIB almost five years ago, we didn't know where we were heading to and even today we don't know what the future of this page will bring. To be true we had no plans, no clear goals about the way things should turn and no aim to rock the bank with it (and still have none of these three in mind). When agencies started to contact us regarding our work, this was almost a huge surprise as this wasn't planned as well but took this opportunity to add some specific contents... [Lire la suite]
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Listen To The Words Of

Second interview of the month at The Fucked-Up Crew that catch our attention this year: Lara Giliberto. A photographer again, a new talent, a rising star etc. A very talented one first of all we would say. And unlike many other creative people we've been featuring over these last few yers, Lara is based in Milan (while also working in Paris) which might change us from our main photographic destination, New York. Creativity without borders on the world map that matches creativity that doesn't fit in the usual categories of... [Lire la suite]
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Taking Off

  Arizona Muse @ Next It always seems some people and (even more) some medias are exaggerating new models' prowesses and achievements. It's nice to hear or read but doesn't always make sense and we would rather think of it than shout it loud everywhere we can. Hide the best things to let them blossom at the right moment. That's actually what has been Arizona's story until she finally hit the first part of her spotlights last season. When from anonymous model at Next she jumped off to the status of most promising one from... [Lire la suite]
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Anna and Marie

Anna de Rijk @ Viva (Paris) It's not a matter of working at the top right in these few lines, it's a matter of positive evolution. Blossoming as we would say. The evolution of a character from the first stage in a career to the current level which might also be the actual level. If you want highly rewarded names to put next to hers let's keep in mind a page in latest US Vogue by Mario Testino (the already-famous Gangs of New York editorial) and some recent work with Inez and Vinoodh. Otherwise let's just enjoy what she has... [Lire la suite]
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Baby Did A Good Good Thing

Eniko Mihalik @ Marilyn (NY) After weeks swallowing campaign after campaign with different levels of joy or boredom, after a few days sleeping in front of the screen when Haute Couture collections started to show up, finally time of covers is coming again. At last. Excitement started with Numéro Tokyo and LOVE last week or so and we could add Numéro (the original edition this time) to this list that we sincerely hope to see grow in the upcoming days. Glossy yet thought-provoking pictures are often what takes us away from feeling too... [Lire la suite]
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