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Young Hearts Are Free (The SELECTion)

                  Maaike, Amy, Ellie, Frida, Lottie, Katie, Nia, Nadia, Cassie and Odile Coco @ Select (London) At this exact moment (writing this piece) we're still hesitating between two distinct titles. Usual dilemma, less usual feature. Shall we go for the inspiration of the moment, which would be Young Hearts Are Free or something like that. Or for the nickname we gave to the project while working on it: The SELECTion. Because that's where our hesitation is, between putting emphasis... [Lire la suite]

Amy (& Co.) by Amy

Amy, Maaike and Odile @ SPS (The Netherlands) Seeing the model as a creative has always been our point as modeling can be seen as a real performance in several different cases but this one goes far beyond the usual standards describing creativity and/or performers. Not only the three girls on this video were performing in such a natural way during the time required to record four full minutes of gorgeous movie scenes but also one of them actually shot it. Amy Post is the creative brain behind the project, both director and actress,... [Lire la suite]
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The Film

Amy Post @ SPS (The Netherlands) Easy easy, slowly yet seriously,  Amy Post is on her way to become a 5'9 (176) busy bee. Step by step, no rush required to build a lovely portfolio. Only a neverending need for quality pictutres, including good polaroids. Amy's latest batch is pretty awesome and quite different from the way she's been pictured so far. Cute little thing getting wild, like a bittersweet pop melody and the childlike empress might get decadent, she'll always remain sweet somehow. Doll looks become really interesting... [Lire la suite]
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Just Post It

Amy Post @ SPS (The Netherlands) Talented cuties made our evening yesterday and did it again this morning. After Katya's first experience of London, Amy's latest editorial piece. Wait, Amy Post modeling bridal outfits ? No way, you might think (just as we did). But thuth is... yes, she can. Actually the mood of the story gets quite far from the usual imagery related to this theme and Amy looks like a teenager playing with dresses at her older sister's wedding. Interesting concept, both for the editorial itself and for the model's... [Lire la suite]
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From Head to Toe

      Amy Post @ SPS (The Netherlands) Development is going on, development is going wild and for Amy it's taking a serious turn at the moment. Newest piece of her portfolio was taken by the one and only Gilbert François and highlights another palette of expressions of the dutch doll from SPS Model Management in Amsterdam. Cuteness might have been the first thing we've noticed in the past, intensity is definitely what we're seeing right now. Presence if you prefer, charisma if you want to go a little further in the... [Lire la suite]
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Odile is the Big Deal and Amy is Amazing

      Odile van Stuijvenberg and Amy Post @ SPS (The Netherlands) It didn't take us long to find the right title. Odile is the big deal for sure and Amy is no less than amazing. Both are among the most promising girls from SPS Model Management in Amsterdam, both belong to our favorites. We've been watching them since their early days and it's a real pleasure to see how their development turns well. Odile is now signed with Marilyn Paris which is her next step. She has a current campaign for... [Lire la suite]
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