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Handsome Young Lady

Nikole Ivanova @ 2B Models (Latvia), Ford (NY) Fashion weeks in Paris always mean French Revue de Modes, without any intention to drop an easy pun right from the start. Fashion week is when the magazine is released and when we are in town to catch our copy, it's just a part of the whole atmosphere. Finding the right shop selling the cover we want from the dozen they usually release and sometimes the decision is tough to make - we don't have an excessive love for collections and just want to make sure we have the one we'll... [Lire la suite]
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Whispering loud (extended version)

Nikole Ivanova @ 2B Models (Latvia), Ford (NY) We couldn't put them all in the same post but definitely couldn't overlook this part of Nikole's portfolio as well. Here is her last story shot by Chuando and Frey while she was developing her book with them. New plans for Nikole include her current work in New York but she's also going to travel in Tokyo this summer (with Bravo Models). We guess we'll have  to update you again on her. And it will be with a huge pleasure, as usual. It's already our fourth piece on... [Lire la suite]
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Whispering loud

Nikole Ivanova @ 2B Models (Latvia), Ford (NY) There is something impish in her gaze but it's well balance by some melancholic or even bittersweet expression. Whatever the way we use to describe it, it would never reach perfection and only one thing is sure and safe enough to shout it loud: Nikole's potential is a subtle as endless. And it looks even more obvious now that a new chapter of her career is being written. We've already featured the sweetest Latvian twice since her early beginnings with 2B Models, we can feel the... [Lire la suite]
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