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La Crazy Vita


claudia eden
lyoka michaela
Claudia Seiler, Eden Clark, Lyoka Tyagnereva and Michaela Majerska by James Mahon for One f/w 08 package
courtesy of One Model Manage

Here we go. This is season is going to be crazy... Really crazy ! After some amazing show cards at both Supreme and New York Models then Elite yesterday, it's time for One Model Management to release their f/w 08 show package. The theme is La Crazy Vita, inspired by the movie La Dolce Vita and it's... yes, crazy. A whole team of their 9 most promising models has been shot on that purpose by James Mahon. Crazy again. Count in the fantastic 9 Claudia Seiler and Karin Adam who have already started an amazing season in Brazil, now ready for NY, the highly expected duet Lyoka Tyagnereva and Eden Clark, add a surprising Anna Kuchkina, Maria, Kayla plus the two outstanding newcomers Gantz and Michaela Majerska. Be sure to check the whole package and the video :
It's not just crazy, it's almost magical. And major. The season has really started now...

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