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This Mysterious Olena

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Olena Kryvoruchko @ Studio KLRP (Paris)

We were big fans of Lanvin since the purple and the sleeves disappeared yet we have to credit the latest collection for some bold and clever choices when it comes to the castings. They didn't overlook some models from smaller agencies when they were fitting well the show's mood and shapes. Of course there was Astri, our short blond-haired darling among the f/w 08-09 crop but we shouldn't overlook another one called Olena and signed with Studio KLRP. Perfect jawline and incredible bone structure help to get her noticed while the sweetness and sensuality in her gaze bring this uncanny balance to her face. We'd love to see what a striking beauty like hers can do in editorial now. Would be a refreshing choice for a magazine like... let's say... Numéro.

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