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Chablis, pen, paper and no blockbuster

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Elisa Sednaoui @ d'Management (Milan)

We remember talking, with one of our friend living in Paris, about our favorite models and what makes them our actual favorites. And very often the convo went to the fact that models who stand out are like actresses, they express emotions very naturally. The comparison sounds a bit cliché sometimes and has been used several times but we still think it's often justified even there are some slight differences between pictures and motion pictures. Between silent glossy paper and dialogues. This being said, some models just don't see these borders and are easily breaking down these small fences. It's hard to explain how they do it and why they can do it rather than others yet it's probably the same process as being a model: it's all about feeling good in front of the camera, feeling free to express. Immediately understanding what people are waiting from you and also knowing how to bring your own touch. In the same time. Modeling already means being multi-tasked, modeling and acting mean being brilliantly multi-tasked. And inspired. That's where we come to Elisa.
This month's L'Officiel Paris' cover-girl is not only adding some twist to our shopping list (we rarely miss L'Officiel and won't miss this one of course), she's also bringing some refreshing wind on the covers front. Not that the styling is particularly exceptional (yet we don't mind that white background again on L'Officiel, it's been a while since they didn't do it), not even that the editorial has a specific attraction besides Elisa. It's rather in the mood and the choice. Choice of the model, of course. Vogue Italia has been featuring Linda Evangelista and US Vogue is currently featuring Kate Moss on a so-called Age(less) Issue. Even Dansk magazine is playing its part of that game explaining that they put Helena Christensen on the cover to say no to unexperimented teenage models on their covers (do you really need a reason to make a cover with Helena ?). We love unexperimented models on the covers, we love when they are still experimenting, making some choices, sometimes hesitating, trying new things, finding their way, moving on, going ahead. That's the little thing that makes us love L'Officiel cover even more. Elisa making her own way in both fashion scene and movie scenes with no "formal acting training" (from her interview in a previous issue of Above Magazine). We love exciting beginnings rather retrospectives. We love stories in writing rather than epilogues. The future will always have its risky part and it will always be easier to look backward but we're looking for fashion to be exciting and crossing (any kind of) boundaries.

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