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Good Romance 
Romana Umrianova @ Elite (Prague/Bratislava), Elite (Paris, Milan, London), Supreme (NY)

Waiting for this for a little while: a brand new opportunity to talk about Romana. Don't remember the last time but it might be for Paris fashion week, RTW Spring 2010, as one of the girls who left us the strongest impression. Nice natural style and lots of energy behind that cute little face and endlessly leggy silhouette. So, what's next for Ms. Umrianova ? A few things for sure and two pages in current issue of L'Officiel Paris within a multi-girls story shot by one of the magazine's beloved photographer Andrea Spotorno (style Cristina Casini). Old-school school-girl (!) looks meet masculine-feminine effects and Romana works it out with the same effortless attitude as behind the scenes. Good question actually ? Non-stop performance or just larger than life(-style) ?

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