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Wanted: Hannele


DSC08835 DSC02959
DSC02930 96_8758
Hannele Turu @ Just WM (Paris)

Hannele (jaw-dropping gorgeous name) used to sing in a music band to escape from boredom of her teenage years. Now she's working on paintings (just as we do), large size paintings (while we only do A4) and she's a model signed with Just WM in Paris. Where else, after all. She's the typical atypical untypical kind of models you'll find at WM. All in nuance and subtletly from her personality to her natural look (warm light brown hair meets green-grey eyes), she counts as much on a 5'9"5 silhouette than on her attitude. Born and raised in Estonia and ready for a win, she's the epitome of a model we want to feature as... Wanted!

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  • Wow!

    Hannele is amazing!!!

    Posté par Antonio Barros, 07-06-09 à 10:14 PM
  • I saw Hannele in Paris she is so SEXY!!!!

    Posté par Martin, 08-06-09 à 06:07 PM

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