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A girl to remember from an agency to keep in mind


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Inken @ Place Models (Hamburg)

A girl to remember from an agency to keep in mind. These could be the best words to describe Inken and were the first ones to come in our minds when we received her materials at the end of March. We weren't sure if we had to rush and follow our excitement to feature her as soon as possible or if we had to wait for the very best moment to talk about her. We finally went for the second option and took time as our best friend. Now Inken (5'9"5 - 177) is signed with IMG and appeared at IMG Paris which can be only a good thing for her.
Back to our initial word describing her beauty and background, we're still very excited about the possibilities that such a bittersweet cuteness can bring to editorials or whatever picture (as it shows on her digitals). She's blond with big blue eyes but doesn't belong to the usual beauty type of the classic blonde, her appeal relying more on her impish gaze and fragile look. As for her mother agency, the well-known Place Models we visited in Hamburg back in April, they keep focusing on new kinds of faces provided by an active high-level scouting toward the city and beyond. Meet Inken and get a perfect taste of who you would find at Place.

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  • extraordinary! another gorgeous find!

    Posté par dbp, 20-06-09 à 01:57 PM
  • She is growing on me more & more... Extraordinary face indeed <3 Place has so many great new girls these days!

    Posté par Yana, 20-06-09 à 04:38 PM
  • inken finally! I was waiting news about her

    Posté par luis, 20-06-09 à 07:59 PM
  • ooh, ooh, ooh, i love this girl!

    Posté par Billy Kidd, 20-06-09 à 10:23 PM
  • elegant!

    Posté par RYDER, 23-06-09 à 01:08 PM

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