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Tiffany Nicholas @ Elite (NY)

While so many others are starting to rush and run, showtime being sooner than ever now, a few girls are just taking development step by step, making sure their book is growing for the best. Among them, one of the most interesting is probably Tiffany Nicholas, a 5'8 young American from Elite in New York. She has already worked with some our favorite photographers like Jonathan Leder and strikes back with new black and white tests by another favorite - Bradford Gregory. Tiffany caught our eyes first for her cuteness and extreme freshness, untouched potential just waiting to be explored by the most talented lensmen in town but the way Bradford pictured up updated us on another side of her abilities as a model. True intellectual beauties stand out for their poise and the way they work out glasses in an extremely stylish way. According to Elite, "Tiffany is so sweet with a cheeky side". Only conidtion for the latter to express ? Being in front of the camera!

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