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TMSRRE part 3: Regina
Regina Feoktistova @ Women (NY)

Now or later ? Now ? Later ? Now ? Later ? Nowlaternowlaternowlaternowlater ? And in the end it's no later than today. It's always a little dilemma to tell when we should drop a few lines on our favorite girls of the season (or, in Regina's case, beyond seasons, shows and trends). Shall we wait until the week is over (3-4 more days, that's all) or shoot ASAP ? We thought to follow the first way but thought twice and checked out Alexander Wang's pictures again then the answer became obvious. Regina was simply the best suprise among the casting which had a couple of interesting and even intriguing surprises (Jac, Nimue, Edita, Katharina etc. were perfect and the choices weren't as predictable as last season). And, even more, she seemed to be the perfect match for the show, the clothes, the atmosphere. Regina in red with the braid ? A dream come true. She also walked VPL (also visually dazzling and great casting including Toma Barkova) and we just keep our fingers crossed for this selective showlist to go on.

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