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Annabelle Tsaboukas @ Women (NY)

Let's cut the chase: sorry for the drama and no, we're not done yet, FDIB is still alive! Just a few busy weeks keeping us away from our usual screen session. This next week is going to be another hectic one so keep being patient a few more days but we should be back for good in December and stay a little longer than Santa Claus. These days are actually a very precious time for us first because of the 4th birthday of FDIB, running full time since late autumn, early winter of 2006. Then because of all this positive energy we put into this project through these four years is creating new opportunities and what could have been a sweet celebration looks more like an exciting cornerstone to us. Expect some changes but don't save the date yet. Just fasten your seatbelt for now. 

To fully enjoy this kick-ass semi-return, we picked up Annabelle shot by NY-based photographer Maria Postigo who also directed a beautiful video of the most intriguing and interesting new Women of the moment. Free spirit and last blast of summer mood spread all over this short story (or is New York's weather still so sweet right now? - one week ago we'd have said yes) were the perfect ingredients to describe our mood. Or state of mind. Or just feeling: our anthem of the day might sound like "listen to your heart". Not turning romantic to another extreme, just having a different approach of reality.

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  • <3

    i like her a lot.

    Posté par ryder, 01-12-10 à 02:47 PM
  • She's got something wild, it's beautiful !

    Posté par Olga, 03-12-10 à 12:18 AM

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