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Meet Franzi !

      Franzi @ Iconic (Berlin) A new icon in making ? Janine Henkes is currently in New York with a rockstar portfolio including german Vogue by Paola Kudacki (see here) and - open your notebook here are fresh news - Amica by Eric Nehr. Iconic Management has just launched her career that they already pulled another rabbit out of their hat. Meet Franzi, future icon, 16-years-old and 5'9. Her sharp features and iconic eye-brows are set to conquer your eyes in a few seconds only while her delicate silhouette posing... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Alina !

Alina @ Major (Paris) Meet another Alina at Major Paris, call her Alina D if you want to be sure but we guess you won't mistake her with their other Alina as this 16-years-old lady from Siberia has pretty unique features. And scores 5'11 by the way. In colors or black and white, her abilities in front of the camera are pretty obvious whatever she wears. We often think Major really deserves its name and it's quite obvious when a girl like Alina hits their board. She's Major and she's major. Major major. Or, just as her agent... [Lire la suite]
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TMSRRE part 0: Wanted Women

      Viktoriya Sasonkina opens the ball for our second season of TMSRRE (The Most Subjective Runway Review Ever) as the symbol of these selections, having a predilection for New York runways. Fingers crossed as we want her to bite in the Big Apple again,  tomorrow is going to be the serious start of everything and we're watching the schedule with a neon-yellow pen in our hand. We are ready.Next one is Mina Cvetkovic, a former (and future?) post-TMSRRE-girl and Viktoriya's campaign mate. We've been... [Lire la suite]

Motion motion

Valeria @ Grace (Moscow) We love his style and the fact he's often the first to shoot tests for the new generation. Here are Maxim Repin's latest: Valeria from Grace Models. We thought of this little story as a good addition to our features to update on or introduce his work. Here are some more. Here you go. Keep on testing. Testing testing. Leggy Valeria experiences playful shadows in front of the camera with the kind of styling that simply highlights her sweet-but-strong features. Take a break from the rush... [Lire la suite]
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Basically Valeria

Valeria Sokolova @ Iconic (Berlin) Valeria is no stranger to this page and has already been feature a couple of times before. When she started at Avant Models in Moscow, when she got a few pages in Amica and more recently when she made her first steps in NY, right before this new season begins. It's all starting right now yet our eyes are turning back to Germany where her latest piece of work hit the bookshops these days. In Tush, shot by Anna Rosa Krau. It's refreshing and very Valeria - long, beautiful hair and laid-back... [Lire la suite]
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Morning dews and disco lights: Juju makes our days and nights (short dance mix)

Juju Ivanyuk @ Nathalie (Paris) We said she makes our days and nights, actually it's even more appropriate at the mintue. Twilight, snoflakes and old-school music. Getting loud. Emergencies on every front and the season is just officially beginning. Disco lights then morning dews. Gettin uptempo. Can't get Juju out of our heads. Just Lexposed.
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Wanted: Lana

    Lana @ White is White Israeli, born in Riga and newcomer in town. She should have a rather interesting season in NY, we guess pushed under some spotlight of a wise and glorious designer as the young pearl has all it takes to catch the attention of a few good-eyed casting directors. If New York (signed with Muse) is simply starting right now (not even for the masses, just background buzz) we're already looking forward to seeing her again in Milan (with Joy). And would warmly welcome her in Paris (with Major). See... [Lire la suite]
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When you create an illusion, make sure it looks unreal

Merlin @ First (London) The title is all about illusion but Merlin is for real, enchanting our eyes and enhancing our creative side. Purple dress (and black tights you'll have to imagine) on that light grey background that made the famous sleek/spooky touch of First digitals and she is ready for the ball. And for the shows. It's all about NY now but London is right after and time always goes faster as we get older. Weeks are like hours and hours are like... don't want to know. Better go back to illusions. Fireworks definitely... [Lire la suite]
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Dainty, daring, delicate, delightful...

      Janete Friedrich @ One (NY) Seems pretty hard to get enough of Janete. After featuring once here and once on, it was big time to feature her twice on both. Second time for the most intriguing One in town. Beyond the cut and color, beyond the hairdo, there is quite a sensitive look we can't ignore. Behind a highly colorful visual fantasy, the latest Brazilian to sign with One has way more to offer. Lexposed this morning, here are the missing three.
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Wanted: Marusia

    Marusia @ Marilyn (NY) Super-quick update, fast as a lightning. Hectic rythm, news coming and going, topics changing by the minute etc. Time for Marusia, new favorite at Marilyn. Rushing, running but caught by the stunning face and hairdo, the expressions and poses. Call it the most colorful black and white pictures of the year. Call her one a very promising young lady, 5'11 with blond bangs, blue eyes, dark brows. Caution, model in motion. Captivating is the least we can say.
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