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She's so tasty, so sexy, so Greg Kadel. She can play it feisty and never let her beauty leave you too thirsty. With a tad of a twist, she'll get you wrapped on her wrist, like she does here today with Anastasia Khodkina as her partner in cream. Picture this: dancing in silky smocks and latex socks, high heels, red lips and some dog necklaces, Catherine McNeil tunes that game like she always does – walking on cloud nine and taking your eyes as luggage. Numéro may not be the most innovative magazine out there but at least... [Lire la suite]
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Taste The Difference

  Aymeline Valade @ Women Direct (NY), Women (Paris & Milan), FM (London) We know it's a pretty subjective notion and everyone may have his own point but let's leave aside the old syrupy melody of beauty being in the eye of the beholder (broken record somehow, isn't it?). Let's focus on the obvious and forget about the obnoxious politiquement correct as it's quite rare and happened twice in two different situations: Aymeline Valade outperforming her partners in editorials. Strictly speaking, full stop. Or to say it in a more... [Lire la suite]

Like a rose in the snow

        Ginta Lapina @ Women (NY) It's Ginta Lapina by Greg Kadel but it's not so Ginta by not so Kadel. It's from latest issue of Numéro but doesn't look very Numéro at first sight. It's a little revolution that brought back some smiles here at the end of the day. We never expected to see this side of Ginta. Never. As expressive as she usually is (on the runway, backstage and everywhere else), she remains pretty shy-looking in a very delicate manner, never giving too much to the camera - just enough to make you... [Lire la suite]
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Jamie Bochert @ Women (NY), Elite (Paris) Usually, we have to tidy up the pictures to make the post look great. This time it wasn't even necessary, here they are how they are, right from the scanner. Blind uploading. There is something genius about this story as we already wrote in another review for Lexposure. Same might fit for the whole issue of Numéro. Quite a brilliant surprise, delicately packed. The cover plus the contents managed to make us happy without any new faces inside or outside. Among the... [Lire la suite]
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TMSRRE part 16: Aline

Aline Weber @ One (NY) She's having a flawless season on every front. Editorials and runways. Would be impossible to pick our favorite show pictures or decide which one was more important for her career. Let's say almost every single catwalk appearance was worth a few lines. From NY to Paris, including Milan and London with a special mention to her british bookings. How could we choose between the way she works out heavy make-up and her natural elegance with much lighter one ? Almost impossible again. Our favorite might be her look... [Lire la suite]
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Behind the clouds

 Karmen Pedaru @ Next We just talked about development. And how long it could take to build a correct portfolio, how long it could be to see a model reaching a better spot. For various reasons. Some careers are starting off faster as you would have thought, some others just much slower as you could expect. Numerous parameters.Karmen Pedaru is striking and has always been but her career wasn't as fast as let's say Karlie Kloss who shares this editorial (from Numéro, by Greg Kadel) with her and... Abbey-Lee Kershaw and Georgina... [Lire la suite]
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Wonder Girl

from Numéro 86 by Greg Kadel styled by Bill Mullen
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