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Model Talking: Our Picks for the Season and Beyond (Part II)

The show has begun and the frenzy's on (though we say this from the sofa, comfortably sitting and watching the game), Katie Moore went blond for Wang while the opening slot of the same collection went to a gorgeous Anique nobody seems to know (lovely surprise). Meanwhile Ellen Rosa steals the spotlights everywhere she walks. We're still doing our list(s), still picking our favorites, being picky, gathering our own gang of obvious favorites and personal sweeties with potential. And today we start our second round with newbie from... [Lire la suite]
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When the Skies are Grey

As kids, when the borders were still fences and it wasn't such an easy deal to cross the big river just to get some cheaper ciggies, we used to think the sky looked different in german cities than in our french hometown. A greater grey, we should say, grey like expensive pearls, soft and smooth with a slight touch of wholesome melancholy echoing the pavents of their broaders streets and more recent buildings, a grey that used to turn pigeons into divas taken away from their red carpet and green leaves into colorful witnesses... [Lire la suite]

A Cheeky Chick on a Chic Trip

Fasten your seatbelts, she's ready to make it expensive – exactly her main skill. Life is as fun and unpredictable as being attacked by a chihuahua on your way to the supermarket, and so is also Leila Goldkuhl's career: impossible to guess where she'll pop up next but always delightful to see the outcome. From pure beauty headshots to tonge-in-cheek situations, she works everything out so far. With this heartmelting expression on her face that seems to say: ''I didn't do it on purpose, it just happened this way''. Just like these... [Lire la suite]
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Dear potential readers, friends and foes (gotta get some more of the latter this round, or not, may be), passionarias and dilettantes, insomniacs and heavy sleepers, here is time for a revamped version of one of our favorite excercises: The Most Subjective Runway Review Ever (TMSRRE), as irrelevent and irreverent as we like it to be. Our favorites, those who can make our heart fail, some random crushes and the sweet surprises... And the opening slot finally went to Chiara Mazzoleni, not only because we wanted to have her in this... [Lire la suite]

Hurricane Tequila

Leila Goldkuhl by Victor Demarchelier, or when cold gold turns hot, too hot to stop it now. If we haven't seen the shadow of her chin on a runway yet, her latest paperwork (if we may say so) grabbed from Heroine Magazine is worth a gazillion backstage shots. At least no lipstick lies, no exhausted smiles and no jumping-bumping paparazzi or eye-itching lights as background, just a fancy-free atmosphere all the way when you stop for a sec to enjoy the silent and serene smiles next to some cleverly clumsy hairdos – the ultimate... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Leela: Cold Gold

  We thought you were born on the other side of the river but you kissed the ground first on the other side of the earth. Megalo-babe, you look like a truck on a highway, you shine so bright we've got scars in the eyes. Something's going on from your gaze, from this mouth you can't keep closed. We'd love to know the pretty sound that comes out of lips like yours, we're always eager to know more when it comes to a pretty lady with unusual features. You look too good to ask your height and hips. We might be mad dogs but you... [Lire la suite]
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