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New York, New Faces

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Martina Correa, Bekka Zuefeldt, Lyoka Tyagnereva,Heloise Guérin and Viktoriya Sasonkina

New Yorks shows started two days ago and we can already spot a few models we were eagerly waiting for in some of our favorite runways so far. Best is Erin Fetherston. Amazing casting, as always. Count in it some fresh faces like our darling Viktoriya Sasonkina (just confirmed to be in London after NY), Lyoka Tyagnereva, Héloise Guérin... But some other nice surprises were remarkable as well, just as Martina Correa at Yigal Azrouel or Bekka Zuefeldt at Katy Rodriguez. Other faces we need to mention are Edythe Hughes, Serafima Vakulenko, Eva Helene Skarvig, Timoxa, Eniko Mihalik and Aline Weber who was just featured here a few days ago. Also Heidi Mount, who was on our wish-list for NY shows has already opened two shows and closed one of them as well. Abby Lee is taking the first days of the week by storm - yet there's almost no surprise in that - but our hearts are beating for another heavily discussed new face: Skye Stracke with her ghost-doll appeal could join the quirky-but-gorgeous club led by a Courtney Smerski in good shape and a promising Alice Gibb. We were also really please to see some other favorites like Honorine, Anna Kuchkina or our all-time favorite Shannan Click. Just waiting for Michaela Majerska and Camille, now. We shouldn't forget this is just the beginning.


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