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Walking down 34th Street

Diandra Forrest @ Elite (NY)

It took us one second to fall for Diandra. Just one. So fast. One second to catch our eyes, attention and heart. That's why we're so happy and excited to post a few polas of her. Of course she's the main character on every picture, even if her style plays a strong role too. Grey top, dark skirt - she said herself she's got a soft spot for "all kind of skirts". "Currently obsessed". This New York City girl (discovered walking down 34th Street hence our title) who listens to Jamie Fox, would love to meet Barack Obama and has a cat called Tigress but that's not all. She adores Betty Boop but that's still not all. She says she would love to come to Paris, especially as she heard "people are so nice" there. If we're not sure they are that nice for being in town quite often, one thing we can swear is that Paris would love her as much as she loves it. Even if right now it's all about NY love.

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