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TMSRRE part 16: Sophie
Sophie Srej @ IMG

Her gaze seems rather sullen than sultry and her overall look screams intellectual. No, it doesn't really scream, it whispers carefully. So subtle and made of raw delicacy from head to toe, Sophie Srej brought a slightly melancholic touch to Calvin Klein last season, changing the mood of the exclusive girls, slipping away from the fierceness of Irina Kulikova or the cute light-hearted appeal of Diana Farkhullina that ruled the casting's aesthetic during a few seasons. Sophie Srej and her quiet drama.
The story isn't about to finish now as her second season looks bright as well, casting directors and designers falling for her uncanny appeal. New York was fantastic and we were smitten by the way she worked out Rodarte with bright red hair. Marc by Marc Jacobs was another good booking, slightly hidden under that big hat but so remarkable nonetheless. Calvin Klein again then off to London. Cute at Peter Jensen, so Armand Basi and perfect in Christopher Kane's golden stripes, light smiles in backstage were also highlights. Milan is smiling to her and hopefully it will bring us a few additional backstage smiles. Paris could be her town in the end and her showcard is simply a must-see. Featuring a piece of her editorial in current Bon magazine, shot by Rafael Stahelin. Seven page of intensity. Sophie, so Srej.


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