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TMSRRE part 21: Polina
Polina Barbasova @ Union (London), Ford (NY), Elite (Paris), Elite (Milan)

If you really want it, take it slow. That's what we could say about Polina's career. Especially what she did this season. The way she did it. Slow in NY, almost silent but booking some underrated and overlooked shows with excellent castings. Slow in Milan but booking our biggest favorite there: Antonio Marras. Slow in Paris until... she exclusively appeared at Givenchy. Kind of crowning for our beloved Polina (from Team Models in Oslo). She had the perfect look for this season's collection: imagine two exclusives called Polina Barbasova and Nanou Vandecruys then you'll get an true idea of the aesthetic apart from any other trick they used. Just featured on Lexposure in the middle of the season when her cover+editorial from Bon magazine was released (shot by Stefan Zschernitz, the four ones above also from this story), we're so happy to have a second opportunity to feature her this month. The opportunity, actually.

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