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Allaire Heisig @ Ford (NY)

You never see much when you get too close to the (spot-)lights and same should be true for fashion week as well. You never know as less as when you actually attend it, when you concentrate too much on the moment and get caught by the rush. That's how you might miss a couple of details you would have seen sitting at your desk, watching carefully everything. But hey, a little (and that was actually a lot) of action doesn't hurt or if it does, it's for good reasons. So, during the whole New York coverage we did we must confess we missed a lot, could not be everywhere and couldn't capture every detail that we should have caught. One fact didn't escape from our attention, though. Allaire Heisig closing Marc by Marc Jacobs (above, photographed by Tom Hines) last Tuesday. But who was expecting her there, now and at that precious last spot?

Obviously not many see it coming and such surprises are always welcome, especially when you are able to watch them happening live. Where does the mystery come from? Maybe the fact that when you think Ford you usually think "Ford Ford" and less "Ford Women" where Allaire is signed. Similar story as Aymeline Valade's who is represented by Women Direct in New York while everyone is usually watching what's going at Women's main division. Not trying to create any competition between branches of the same networks, though. The only thing we want to highlight here is how an awesome surprise effect can be created so easily. And also how too many would miss a great model for not looking everywhere they should. On the other hand if everyone was looking everywhere, there wouldn't be any delight left to fashion weeks at all. Next part on Allaire, ASAP.

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  • Nice girl, nice text

    Posté par Olga, 22-02-11 à 07:05 PM
  • How much did they buy this one cause that is the only thing they re good at...

    Posté par Sylva Gina, 24-02-11 à 10:59 AM

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