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Instill  Melodie @ Wilhelmina (NY) and Anais @ Ford (NY)

Sometimes you say too much, sometimes not enough. Same here, sometimes we write too much and sometimes words are simply lacking. Words are friends some days and enemies the next morning and all this vicious circle makes hard to find the right balance. Trying to, though and we guess it happens we work it out. Drop by drop, fighting sleepless nights and meaningless dreams with the best sides of our imagination, maybe that's where the path starts and it's up to us to keep the pace. That sounds quite over the top and off topic but not so much in the end. When you realise fashion is not about beautiful pictures with beautiful outfits, that fashion is about beauty yet made of otherworldly ingredients. Nothing you can touch or even point out. Too many words are spent (wasted) on aesthetics, descriptive litanies that only prove their author has eyes... but doesn't know how to use them. What do you see when you look at the pictures above (from Interview, by Solve Sundsbo and styled by Ludivine Poiblanc) and how does it feel? There isn't one proper answer to the question and we might find a different one every hour for ourselves. Sounds tragic but it is magic, fashion as a connection between eyes and imaginations and the power of illusions becoming true. Drop by drop, instilling.

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  • Just AWESOME !

    Posté par Olga, 09-12-10 à 12:09 PM
  • so wonderful!i love it

    Posté par le duel nrj12, 09-12-10 à 10:37 PM

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