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Meet Pauline !


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Pauline @ Karin (Paris)

Another french girl, another style, another story. Pauline's story is just beginning and the 16-years-old is writing the first chapter of her career these days, with Karin Models in Paris. In a very lovely way. Her first go-see was on her birthday a little earlier this month and we beg you to believe us if we say it's a very good start. Time will tell but her second appointment two days later sounds pretty promising as well. With her huge and hugely expressive blue eyes, her ethereal and untouched look, Pauline arrives on the stage with quite a peculiar portfolio. The cherry on the top: she's 5'9 (175 81-60-90).

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    Mmmh alors je crois que quand On parle de "fashion sylphide au charme éthéré, à l'allure neo-romantique" . . . Pauline correspond idéalement à cette description !!!

    Amicalement, Antoine

    Posté par Antoine, 19-05-09 à 07:55 PM
  • She looks like very innocent, and very cool story...

    Posté par luis, 19-05-09 à 11:44 PM

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