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Development diaries: Natalia

Natalia Griitsik @ Image Discovery (Ukraine)

Our first feature on Natalia was published last June when she was freshly scouted by Image Discovery. We felt the urge to introduce her at that time and it heavily seems we were right. She's made her bit of way already and gets ready for her first trip very soon, relying on that "stellar" beauty of hers and a few serious yet slightly playful poses. Intensity is all she knows and her potential could develop into incredible and endless abilities in a near future. While waiting for the plane to take off, our 5'9"5 stunner from Odessa took time (and opportunities) to add a little depth to her young portfolio. Training can be so exciting when you can explore the unseen. Taken in her home country yet already with a little taste of NY in the atmosphere of the pictures, Natalia just had her first tests done last week. Styled and shot by our one and only Venya Brykalin.

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