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Beyond Timezones, Against Timelines
Anna Mihailina @ Image Discovery

Anna Mihailina at Image Discovery or a short lesson in one picture on how to look beautifully austere at the seaside. Light blond hair with a golden shade that would make her look quite classic if she hadn't her very own sullen expression to balance it in quite a peculiar way. And to contrast with the absolutely summery vibe of the landscape surrounding her, let's call it a little clash of atmospheres and that's exactly what woke up our interest in that new discovery of the eastern scouting boutique. After finding highly talked-about young ladies like Inni, Lize or Karina, it was big time to add a challenging touch to this line-up while staying true to what could be considered Image Discovery's philosophy of working with the 'special ones'. There might not be much more to add for now as Anna was just discovered very recently, except that the 16-years-old blonde scores a respectable 5'9 already. May that very own beauty-type of hers be able to fly her away from her small-town-world soon.

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  • I am speechless... Beautiful!!! Congrats!

    Posté par Alexandra, 17-08-10 à 07:46 PM
  • voila

    i like her face a lot. type of girls i like.

    Posté par ryder, 18-08-10 à 01:07 PM
  • She reminds me of Ola Straczek a little bit. Gorgeous blonde hair.

    Posté par Dona, 18-08-10 à 08:57 PM

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