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Extended Elitism Expands

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Louise Maselis @ Elite (Paris)

An elitist management company relying on both an extended network in Europe and the high workability of several alliances with agencies overseas ? It sounds a bit too much to hear and a slightly idyllic portrait of Elite Paris. But truth is they are impressive on very different aspects that propel them to a very special status. As a part of the Elite network they have access to the powerful scouting, the annual model contest and strong partners in Milan and London. As an efficient agency keeping good links with many agencies in New York they have several good options to place their girls abroad and a diversified source of models they can represent. Elite looks like a model factory and works like a high level boutique. The best of both worlds.

A good example of the way it works could be Louise Maselis. Precious look, precious start, great career in making and huge potential. The Belgian was discovered via their Elite Model Look contest and took off last February as a Calvin Klein exclusive. She's now featured in the latest issue of our favorite magazine ever, Amica, while her agency in New York officially remains a mystery with a couple of possibilities left. From the most usual to the most unexpected. Shot by Dirk Seiden Schwan, who clearly belongs to the photographers we regularly talk about, the story goes right to the point: feminine use of masculine clothes and Louise's absolutely fabulous potential. Something highly charismatic about her, even and especially in very usual poses and expressions. Take a classic (or classic beauty) turn it upside-down and it's going to rock and shock. Rules are made to be broken...

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Elena and Manuela Lazic @ Elite (Paris)

Far away from Louise's natural look in Amica, the Lazic sisters are surrounded by funny details for August issue of Teen Vogue. But in the end the scenario is pretty much the same: take some models on the rise and put them in the most reliable magazines to launch their career. You won't heard of these publications as the final achievement for a model but they are clearly ahead of the game when it comes to the most promising girls from every new crop.  Those we buy eyes-closed. Examples aren't missing and the french twins are two more good ones as you might have noticed them on brand new Moschino Cheap & Chic ads. Elena and Manuela were simply the perfect, most natural choice for such an editorial in Teen Vogue. A teaspoon of teenage awkwarkness, a lot of freshness from playful characters, colorful atmospheres etc. and the story by Arthur Elgort is packed with powerful ingredients. We bet our two Chemical Sisters are going to make the fashion world more explosive. At least they already have the formula...


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