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TMSRRE part 9: Kristy
Kristy Kaurova @ Major (NY)

Here is what we wrote in case it happens. Wanted to write something on Kristy again for so long it seems. Since these colorful pictures (ethereal Kristy going through pastels and bold touches) and since we met her on a Summer evening in Paris (also with Major). Wanted to write. When we heard she was in town for the shows this season, we thought the opportunity was sooner than ever and requested some digitals as fast as we could. Major sent us a couple including that gorgeous one above. Jaw dropping. Then we felt the urge but wanted to wait for the best moment. Cruel dilemma of the last days before the season starts. Who to feature in previews, who to include in reviews. We decided to wait until she pops up at some serious show. Seems we were right, rumor has it tonight that she did it. Kristy did it.

And this is what's going through our heads right now. At this exact minute. Pale yellow dress, fragile silhouette. Have to check it and check it and check it out again. Have to make sure every single second passing by that our eyes aren't fooling around because of the late hour. Can we believe it ? Shall we believe it ? Shall we write it down and post it now ? We're working on it and just pasted what was planned "in case something happens". Something happened. Something is happening. Pictures are arriving, one by one, little by little. Tired brains are hardly able to concentrate anymore but are kept alive by the ultimate excitement of the last day of New York fashion week. Kristy walked Calvin Klein...

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