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Marike Le Roux @ Wilhelmina (NY)

The magazine is French and usually easy to get for us but, this time, got the tip from New York. Go figure, Paris might consider we are already Germany here. Or were we so overbooked we overlooked this ? No time for dilemmas and drama, let's just go to the point: Marike's cover and editorial on/in the new issue of Stiletto. Marike slightly hiding under her top hat but full force glowing on from the front page till the end of her story. Here is a little medley of the pages that gave us the good idea to go back to our bookstore tomorrow. Glasses on, this time. 

The story, shot by Robbie Fimmano and styled by Barbara Loison, is exploring different ideas around the central theme of "Eve". Smart idea to go through a certain kind of androgyny that, in the end, strengthen the focus on a fragile creature going through various state of minds. And outfits. Smart idea to hire Marike for the job as she perfectly embodies this charming chameleon, playing these roles with the necessary subtlety. It's actually the vibe we got seeing her in Paris for the second season in a row. Strong features mixing to and even matching a very delicate way to move -- the combination of strength and sweetness is incredible on the catwalk and was especially striking at YSL or opening Yurkievich.

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