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Shine A Light 
Sveta @ Cherie Models (Russia)

Keep the candle burning and let the flame grow higher. Everyday motto, every moment's battery and never give up. Follow your own vision and instinct to some point. That should be written on every (mother) agency's walls all over the room and that seems to be what Cherie Models does (though we haven't seen their walls yet). Shine a light and it will be alright, might sound too simple but simple things sometimes keep the world turning round (unless the Earth is flat, haven't checked either). Shine a light could be a perfect title for this post since it would be in accordance to Sveta's name. And to her oddly uncanny beauty type. Not the too-easy kind (and only 5'8"5 to be true) but one of those who can turn out to be the most interesting and whoever is seeking great things loves a little (or bigger) challenge and experiment. The experiment itself might be to see how far Sveta could go, how far the wind (as in her hair) can blow her up to unless you think (in your own right) that it's not up to wind to push her up but a common effort. Feeling alright. And always okay for another odyssey. After all, as the smart woman featured below perfectly said: "only bad soldiers don't vant to be general".

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