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Daylight's Darling 
Sveta @ Cherie Models (Russia)

Do we have to say she's our biggest crush of these last few weeks (or even months) or can you guess it from her pictures ? We guess you've guessed but couldn't help ourselves and had to write it. There is something too intense in Sveta's gaze not to get caught by it. For anyone who has never experienced his eyes stuck on his screen, the feeling might be hard to describe but the others will easily know what it's like to stop all you were doing or even let your cup of coffee fall on the ground. Dried the coffee on the office's floor since last Saturday but our interest in Sveta hasn't stop growing. Currently listed as 5'9 with a few tests already piling up in her book (check them out on Cherie Models blog), you can't beat the look and the early signs of huge talent. But the more natural it looks, the more confident and positive about her potential we get (didn't need to but actually love to) and when those "daylight digitals" suddenly popped up among our emails, we knew time had come to spread the news.

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  • in love!!!!!!

    Posté par luis, 30-06-10 à 12:20 AM
  • absolutely striking face! j'adore

    Posté par dbp, 20-07-10 à 12:02 PM

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