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Barely Blooming, Blossoming, But




It's been some time we had an itchy will to wrote an article on Ina Maribo Jensen and two weeks ago or so, the i-D story – bloom, grow, blossom – turned this idea into an obsession, a priority on our to-do-list (a quite long and fascinating sheet of paper). The title is just as perfect as the pics themselves, showcasing what Ina is all about at the moment: one of the most interesting talent, turning slowly (and even a tad faster) what everyone calls potential into visual reality. No one can doubt her face would even stun a blind man in the night but when it comes to skills, we've grown careful more than carefree yet we sensed something and are just pleased to realize our foresights were able to survive the excitement of the moment and go far beyond. It smells like early spring, here and when it comes to her career, but it's already much more than one of our wildest dream could ever expect. And the fact Matteo Montanari was behind the lens made this post even more obvious.

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