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Psychosomatic Love



It's like summer knocking at the door, almost and already, and here we come with visuals we'd rather feel to be a wintery mood? Nostalgia of november nights? Not really, not this way. After all, last week was as cold as late fall and we're just starting getting used to spring's sunny sweetness. The thing is this story from Grey we love so much reminds us of past trips, all of them during autumn or winter except for two times ten days in Berlin and Paris for Couture week with temperatures climbing up to fourty, Celsius. New York, Bucharest, Warsaw, Riga etc. everything else happened when nights get really long and traveling became slightly synonymous with early dusks and leather coats. Another kind of delight, right?




Today's weather is more likely to push us outside and have a fresh beer in centre town than keep us locked in a hotel room to enjoy the quiet heat with a bottle of Jack and a few drunk friends coming from all around the world. Though we can't help loving this Psycho Chic, the story by Alexandra Carr (would be reason number one) starring a charismatic Renata Guerra (reason number one and a half). Plenty of neons, zero percent sunshine, streetlights in the evening, small shops, East Village – echoing memories of ours from November or February in NYC (the latter was rather soft-weathered, though). The small text from Grey may contain the last word: besides claiming that ''style needs no alibi'', it's stated that ''a little insanity never hurts anyone''. Might be it, might be our little insane moment mixing gut instinct with eye-crush with irreverent aesthetic postulate on timeless elegance never looking as good as when twisted a bit.

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